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Research vs. Routine Practice: Basic Concepts of Research Ethics

The Belmont Report published in 1979 introduced a firm regulatory distinction between medical routine practice and research. This distinction became a base for a strict set of legal and ethical requirements that have to be observed by researchers. But although the distinction may be clear on paper, sometimes in reality it is real challenge to realize, what constitutes research, and what can be still considered as a part of routine practice of medicine. During the lecture, the main rationale for this distinction will be analyzed, as well as its intended and unintended consequences. The differences between research ethics and clinical ethics that stem from this distinction will also be discussed. Discussions and case-studies analysis will be an integral part of the workshop.


Jan Piasecki, Ph.D. Department of Philosophy and Bioethics, Faculty of Health Sciences, Jagiellonian University Medical College


Research Ethics – Basic Concepts

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